Youth Vision

Joshua Church’s youth group is a place where students can have a positive experience applying biblical principles to their lives. We want our students to be authentic followers of Jesus through their own personal commitments to Him and their outward commitment to sharing His truth with others at their schools and throughout the community. We believe in doing this together through friendship, being genuine and transparent with each other, and having fun. Our group is designed so that students have lots of opportunities to bring their friends both on Sundays and to events. During the group, there are snacks, games, and relevant discussions from the Bible that help students connect biblical principles to their everyday lives.

What To Expect

On Sunday mornings our middle school and high school students meet with the rest of the church at our 10:30 AM service. Then on Sunday afternoons after the service, we provide lunch for the students and meet for youth group. We meet from 12-2 PM to hang out, play games, talk about the Bible and pray. It is a low-pressure environment where students get to know other students from their schools, play ping-pong, double shoot arcade basketball, foosball, etc. - and learn how the Bible actually applies to their everyday lives. 

Youth Leaders     

Our High School Middle School Group is led by John-Anthony Owen, and his wife Caris. If you have any questions, please email
Thomas Klussmann is another face you may see leading and talking to the Youth around Joshua Church. Thomas is a trusted leader and great with high school and middle school students alike!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

The youth group worked on their putting game at Austin’s whimsical Peter Pan Mini Golf. We had a blast navigating the miniature course through the T-Rex, Loop De Loop and Peter Pan himself!